Altitude by Eben Pagan

Altitude by Eben PaganEben Pagan’s Altitude program is a home study course that was filmed during the popular Altitude seminar on how to establish a flourishing marketing business that allows you to turn expertise into profits. Business owners in attendance flew in from 26 countries and had to pay $10,000 for registration. All the seminar information was then transformed into a comprehensive product collection (15 DVDs) and was made available for purchase.

“Altitude” Business Growth Coaching Program tackles every component of building a multi-million dollar enterprise right from planning and goal setting, product creation, assembling a star team, powerful marketing techniques, lead generation, sales funnel, legal side of business and more.

Below are some of the key points (pieces of advice, basically) emphasized in the course:

  • Understand a target market, sell the right stuff – If businesses truly “get” the ins and outs of a particular niche or industry, then the marketing aspect will practically take care of itself, because then it will make the value easier to sell.
  • Relate with customers with utmost sincerity – Whenever people feel that a certain business understands their needs, they begin to suspend their doubts and invest trust to something that knows “where they are coming from”.
  • Value is the drive that converts customers’ pains into pleasure –Businesses need to determine how much it would be worth to give customers what they need and how this need would be translated into real-world currency.
  • Free trials and samples go a long way – Allowing customers to get a feel of your products or service is the definitive marketing strategy. But of course it has to be something that’s easy to distribute or deliver in mass quantities but holds enormous value.
  • 4 types of people you need in business – Star customers; star team members; star partners; star mentors. These are the people that constructively supports – consciously or otherwise – the objectives and aspirations of your business.
  • Get used to seeing a visual report of your daily operations – It helps to create a chart of the important numbers on a daily basis, such as incoming leads, conversion rates, average sales prices, total sales, deposits, expenses and any other metric that you think you like to know consistently.
  • Meet with your team daily to track progress of important tasks – Eben Pagan suggests that team members should provide a brief report on the things they’ve accomplished on that day as well as their obstacles and how they resolved it. It’s a perfect reference that can be used during brainstorming sessions and intimate meetings.